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Jan 2015 – Dec 2018

Accelerating implementation of nutrition services in Bangladesh



Bangladesh – South Asia

To improve the delivery of nutrition services by increasing the use of data and improving skills of frontline nutrition workers in Bangladesh.

$7,442,019 Grant Value

$1,188,939 evaluation budget


The programme is introducing routine use of data for decision making to improve district and sub-district management of nutrition and delivery of services and a payment for results based training methodology for training of front line workers and supervisors in nutrition.


The grant aims to increase coverage of infant and young child feeding counselling and promotion, and micronutrient supplementation for pregnant and lactating women from less than 30% to more than 50%.

Just nine months after the launch, all 20 district nutrition support officers were in place and 630,000 mothers had been reached with nutrition services. 

The proportion of community clinics in the 20 project districts where staff were providing counselling to the caregivers of young children on appropriate feeding practices had risen from 16% to 58%, and over half of all government-designated facilities were managing severe acute malnutrition according to applicable government standards. 

In three out of the 20 project districts, there have been significant improvements in the availability of basic nutrition supplies, with more modest improvements in eight others.