May 2017 – Apr 2019

Africa Early Childhood Network (AfECN)

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Multiple countries – Africa

To leverage the knowledge and political positioning of the African Early Childhood Development Network to identify CIFF-funded programmes where psychosocial stimulation and responsive care can be added to the set of interventions already being delivered.

$950,000 Grant Value


  • African Early Childhood Development Network

Other funders

  • Open Society Foundations

This grant will review roughly a dozen CIFF investments for the potential to add on early childhood development (ECD) elements; identify the most promising, and support the grantees to plan for, implement, and evaluate these new components.


The intended impact is that this grant will expand and transform at least one of our large-scale platform grants each year. By enhancing key organisational capacities (such as in financial management and in M&E) and by supporting improved governance, this will increase AfECN's ability to draw in further donor funding. The Network will be uniquely positioned to integrate psycho-social stimulation and responsive care into health and nutrition platforms for other interested organisations.