Nov 2016 – Oct 2019


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Multiple countries – Africa

To achieve health and nutrition outcomes for mothers, babies and adolescents through improved accountability and execution.

$6,292,174 Multi-Year Grant Value

Other funders

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -

  • World Health Organization

The African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) helps countries develop and implement scorecards that track country performance on critical health and nutrition indicators. This is used for bottleneck analysis of underperforming indicators, together with specific actions to solve underlying problems. Performance is discussed at highest levels (including Heads of States) as well as, increasingly, publicly disseminated for civil society pressure and activism.

During CIFF’s phase one investment, ALMA successfully rolled out 25 country scorecards, leading to concrete actions around improving health and nutrition outcomes. 

This three-year phase two investment will support ALMA to expand and intensify the use of the scorecards for action and accountability in 30 countries. Nutrition, adolescent reproductive health and domestic funding indicators will be strengthened and enhanced. Scorecards will also be decentralised to sub-national level in 20 countries. 


We expect to see improved child and adolescent health and nutrition, through improved accountability of decision makers for resource allocation and service provision.