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Jul 2013 – Dec 2018

Averting anaemia in Bangladesh



Bangladesh – South Asia

To increase the use of micronutrient powders to reduce anaemia in under-fives in Bangladesh.

$15,580,612 Grant Value

$1,252,388 evaluation budget


The programme is working to increase the use of micronutrient powder in infant and young child feeding practices and incentivise health workers to increase sales of the product.


The aim is to avert 95,000 cases of anaemia annually by 2018. 

The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) is leading an evaluation of this project. That evaluation is registered here.

Micronutrient powder photo (child)

Meet Tafsir

Tafsir was exclusively breastfed from birth for the six months. After six months, he ate complementary food with micronutrient powder (Pushtikona 5). Initially, the use of micronutrient powder was inconsistent and his diet was not suitably diversified. This led to Tafsir feeling sick and weak.

Tafsir's mother was visited by a BRAC health worker, who counselled her on the importance of micronutrients and a diverse diet. With the health worker's support, Tafsir's nutrition and health improved, meaning he is a healthy, active and playful child.

Photo credit: GAIN