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Nov 2016 – Jul 2017

Bolstering grassroots movements in Kenya & Rajasthan



Kenya & Rajasthan – Global

To help our current grantees improve their impact by building up their campaigning, advocacy and communications skills.

$287,722 Multi-Year Grant Value


CIFF’s Policy & Advocacy team seeks to identify and empower grassroots and youth-led movements and campaigns for social change in its key geographies of Kenya and Rajasthan. As we move forward with expanding our advocacy, CIFF’s grantees need strategic support and upskilling to maximise our campaigning impact.

Working with Purpose, a leader in movement building, creative communications and youth engagement, we have the opportunity now to build the advocacy and campaigning capacity of our grantees and set us up for success – our grantees vitally needs this coordinated support, convened by CIFF, to achieve their potential.

Over the next six months, we will tap into Purpose’s unique strategic insights, creative communications capacity and convening capabilities to deliver three core outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Campaign landscaping exercise: In-country research in Kenya and India with CIFF partners and grantees that will identify opportunities, gaps and new partners and networks.
  • Outcome 2: Campaign implementation and strategy building: Purpose will support grantees in the development of a campaign strategy and concepts 
  • Outcome 3: Increase campaigning knowledge amongst CIFF grantees through trainings and by building technological platforms.


This investment contributes to our overarching strategic goal of bolstering grassroots movements in Kenya and Rajasthan, a long-term commitment that includes fostering South-South learning and North-South collaboration. 

In terms of outcomes, this investment will result in improved advocacy and campaigning knowledge and capacity amongst CIFF’s partners in Kenya and Rajasthan, who are not currently set up to achieve CIFF’s new strategic headlines. CIFF grantees and partners will have a better understanding of how to deploy creative, grassroots mobilisation campaigns to further the impact of their work and accelerate progress on strategic goals.