Aug 2017 – Jul 2020

Born Healthy: addressing maternal infections in pregnancy to improve newborn outcomes



India – South Asia

To prevent, detect and manage antenatal infections to improve maternal and newborn outcomes.

$3,956,302 Grant Value

$195,000 evaluation budget

Infections during pregnancy can impact the growth of the baby, leading to low birth weight or other adverse outcomes. The current system of antenatal care in India has no provision for screening and treating pregnant woman for these infections.  

This investment will test a proof of concept in India to transform the way antenatal care is provided. It will test a model of improved antenatal care called group antenatal care which will include testing and treatment of infections and the provision of essential services like iron folic acid and calcium. Technology in the form of point-of-care tests will be brought in to make testing and treatment efficient, cost-effective and readily available.


The primary outcome of this investment is to address low birth weight (including small for gestational age and pre-term births). An impact model for Rajasthan - with five antenatal infections (asymptomatic bacteriuria, tuberculosis, malaria and chlamydia and gonorrhoea) & iron supplementation - shows that if implemented in four districts of Rajasthan, this investment has the potential to mean 37,607 healthier births in 2.5 years of implementation.

We are confident that successful testing of this proof of concept will lead to a state-wide and national scale up of the programme, as well as influence the global antenatal care guidelines. 

A technical advocacy partnership with WHO, FOGSI and GAPPS will help global uptake of the tested proof of concept.