Jan 2018 – Mar 2021

Child labour free Jaipur



India – South Asia

To demonstrate how a city can end child labour.

$3,700,000 Grant Value


Other funders

  • British Asian Trust -

  • Lush Cosmetics -

  • British Academy / Nottingham University -

  • C&A Foundation

Jaipur has one of the most severe concentrations of exploited children in India. There are 50,000 children estimated to be trapped in hazardous workshops, producing bangles, embroidery, sarees and fashion jewellery. They are forced to work for up to 15 hours a day in difficult conditions, leading to long-term damage to their physical and mental health.

This investment will help demonstrate - uniquely and innovatively - how proactive actions by two Indian state Governments (Rajasthan and Bihar) and a united strategy involving state Governments, the handicraft business, enforcement systems, communities and other stakeholders can help tackle an endemic child labour problem in the city of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

The Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership with broad-scale support from state and district level governments, businesses, civil society organisations and local communities. Visit the Child Labour Free Jaipur website here


The child labour free Jaipur programme offers a win-win solution for the Government and business in Rajasthan. Both the city and the state will gain economically. Tourism and business will both benefit from child labour free certification of the industry. Bihar will stand to gain by 'bringing back their children'.

The investment will kick-start a new national / global debate on how proactive action by state governments and a united approach with stakeholders can help tackle child labour problem in large cities such as Jaipur.