Jun 2017 – May 2019

Elevating Youth Voices



Multiple countries – Global

To elevate youth voices advocating for the issues that matter most to them

$249,195 Grant Value

Young people in the global south represent the fastest growing, most strategically important, and yet underrepresented cohort in the world. More than any other demographic they are profoundly connected to the world and each other. This presents a largely untapped opportunity to help this generation self-organise, develop their own voices and reach new audiences.

And yet, mainstream media is dominated by older, established voices. Young voices are largely absent in the elite newspapers read by policy-makers around the world. As a result, issues that matter to youth are profoundly marginalised or absent. Bringing youth voices and narratives to stale debates will start to rebalance the underrepresentation of young people in influential media that we know is read by decision makers and guides their thinking on these issues.

For over 20 years, Project Syndicate, with 459 member publications in 155 countries, has ensured access to ideas that help people everywhere understand and respond to the forces – and risks – shaping their lives. Its member publications include the world’s most influential agenda-setters in both developed and emerging countries.

This investment will support Project Syndicate to increase the number of comment pieces written by young, talented voices from around the world. Along with seeking publication of these articles n top-tier media, Project Syndicate will provide support to the young authors, helping them to craft articles that can best reach their intended audiences.


A selection of articles produced as part of this investment can be found below.

  • Planning Better Cities - by Mahmoud Al Burai and Christine Auclair - making the case for a fundamental shift in how urban areas are conceived and designed
  • Sex Talk in Ghana - by Esenam Amuzu - highlighting how, in Ghana and other developing countries, access to family planning is a matter of life and death, especially for girls and women
  • Unlocking Girls’ Potential - by Thaoi Ngo - arguing that providing girls with the skills and knowledge they need to become productive women who can participate in the twenty-first-century economy empowers them in all aspects of their lives