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Jan 2015 – Oct 2018

Global Partnership for Education



Multiple countries – Global

To encourage results-based funding for learning outcomes and improve education for adolescent girls.

$8,000,000 Grant Value

$2,000,000 evaluation budget

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development makes it clear that education and gender equality are interrelated.  We know that gender equality in education contributes to strong health and other societal outcomes.  In 2016, the Global Partnership for Education committed to improving gender equality, adopting this as a central goal in its five year strategic plan, GPE2020.

 With CIFF’s funding, the Global Partnership for Education will expand and accelerate their Gender Equality Strategy, improving educational access for adolescent girls. GPE is also collaborating with organisations in other sectors, including health, to support integrated approaches to meet the needs of adolescent girls.

 CIFF will give the GPE Fund up to US$1 million per country to a maximum of US$5 million when GPE Developing Country Partners in Sub-Saharan Africa make concrete commitments to support gender equality in their education sector plans.

 In addition, CIFF will give the GPE Fund up to $5 million per year in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This is conditional upon GPE Developing Country Partners meeting or exceeding the ambitious targets for improvement in female lower secondary completion rates above historical trend that were adopted by GPE’s Board as part of GPE2020. In 2015, 45.7% of girls completed Lower Secondary Education. The GPE target is to increase this to 49.3% by 2018. 


The GPE published Guidelines for Gender Responsive Sector Planning in early 2017, and held a regional training workshop for East and Southern African countries. GPE published a blog about the workshop, which said that “Many participants said they already had policies and programs in place tackling gender, but most also acknowledged the importance of coordination among the various actors to ensure the effectiveness of these programs.” GPE provides ongoing support to countries who request guidance and advice as they develop plans to improve gender equity within their Education Sector Plans.

In December 2016, GPE made a visit to Malawi together with the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria, PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and other partners. The Government of Malawi is working on cross-sectoral health and education work to benefit adolescent girls and young women. After this visit, Alice Albright, GPE’s Chief Executive Officer, stated: Adolescence is a pivotal time for girls everywhere, and even more so in a country like Malawi. While adolescence is a time of great vulnerability for girls, it is also an ideal point to accelerate the impact of development efforts.”

The 2016 target for girls’ completion of lower secondary education (46.9%) was met, and CIFF paid out the $5 million as a result.

Girl solves a math problem on a board

Photo credit: Deepa Srikantaiah / Global Partnership for Education