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Sep 2016 – Jan 2018

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data


Multiple Countries – Global

To support the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data to get robust governance, management and strategy in place during its formative phase.

$220,000 Multi-Year Grant Value


Other funders

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  • International Development Research Centre -

  • Ford Foundation -


This grant assists the partnership by supporting its crucial start-up phase. During this period, the UN Foundation will develop its operations and management setup, as well as strategy and long term governance arrangements. 

According to the partnership, efforts to eradicate extreme poverty are often hampered by ‘unreliable or non-existent data and the lack of skills and willingness to use it’. In response, the partnership works to ‘strengthen inclusivity, trust, and innovation in the way that data is used to address the world’s sustainable development efforts’. They bring data, analytic skills and innovative solutions to data problems, from ‘using satellites to monitor agriculture efforts, to citizen engagement tools to understand sanitation requirements in villages in remote parts of the world’.  

Its vision for 2030 is a world where ‘data is mobilised to leave no one behind’. The partnership is an unprecedented, open, multi-stakeholder network which connects over 150 partners, and has already committed to deliver over 100 data driven projects worldwide. 


The partnership aims to transform the way private and public sector entities collaborate and innovate so that timely, relevant and high-quality data are used to drive decisions to solve development challenges, to monitor progress and course-correct in order to achieve the sustainable development goals, and to enable citizens to hold governments and development actors accountable for delivering the sustainable development goals..