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Sep 2017 – Mar 2019

Global Restoration Hub



Multiple countries – Global

To achieve reforestation at a scale that will make a difference.

$750,000 Grant Value

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  • Doris Duke Foundation -

  • Good Energies Foundation -

  • Comon Foundation

New science shows that natural climate solutions-based on the conservation, restoration, and management of forests, grasslands, and wetlands-can deliver up to 37 percent of the emission reductions needed by 2030.

Of these, reforestation is perhaps the most promising solution. Political commitments to use reforestation as a climate strategy are growing rapidly-as of September 2017, 114 countries had pledged to reforest 162 million hectares, an area half the size of India. 

However, few pledges have been turned into action. 


To achieve reforestation at a scale that will make a difference, CIFF is supporting The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to work with local and global stakeholders, and collaborators to develop the Reforestation Accelerator-an ambitious project to catalyse the sustainable reforestation of 150 million hectares of forests-with the potential to sequester 2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions per year by 2030.