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Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Phase 2



Multiple countries – Global

To increase agricultural productivity by improving access to and use of relevant data by farmers and governments at local and national level.

$230,000 Grant Value


Other funders

  • Hewlett Foundation -

  • Millennium Challenge Corporation -

  • DFID -


Lack of timely data on agriculture and nutrition is significantly reducing the ability of both governments and farmers to respond to  climate change, and to reap the potential benefits of new innovations. The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data grant addresses this by developing infrastructure for a data hub in Kenya, which will be scaled up to the regional level. 

The grant provides technical capacity and training on the use of earth science data and algorithms by national governments and key partners for agriculture monitoring, including on the impacts of climate change. Data generated through the grant will be shared with farmers for improved agro-productivity through pilot projects.


In 2017 we provided catalytic funding to start the partnership and this has leveraged over $9million in additional funds to date. A long-term governance structure was also finalised during the first half of 2017 as part of the first phase of the investment. The structure consists of a Board and Technical Advisory Group that draws its membership from individuals in very influential roles.

Data road-maps were at the heart of the initial investment, which included the production of assessment reports, country level support and a data4SDGs toolbox which provides learning modules on maximising data use.