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Nov 2016 – Jul 2017

ICDS Reforms - Consumer Research Phase



India – South Asia

To develop an effective behaviour change programme to support a successful shift from Take Home Rations to Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) in the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

$500,000 Multi-Year Grant Value

This grant is supporting two research studies in Rajasthan. The quantitative research aims to understand current eating habits of pregnant and lactating women. It will use this data to also suggest how these women can get as close to the dietary recommendations, published by the Indian Council for Medical Research, that lead to healthy pregnancy and successful breastfeeding especially in the first six months after the birth.

 The qualitative research aims to uncover the motivations of these women so that the dietary advice can be delivered in an emotionally engaging way and in language that is easy to understand and act on. This study uses an innovative approach rooted in ethnographic methods.  

 These studies fill a critical information gap because there is very little recent data on dietary intake of pregnant and lactating women in India. Furthermore, dietary advice currently offered is not specific, actionable or persuasive.


These studies will help the target women make the best use of the cash they will receive through the CCT to improve their own nutrition status.