Apr 2017 – Dec 2021

Illuminating global supply chains to eliminate child labour



Multiple countries – Global

To work with corporations to clean up their global supply chains to eliminate child labour

$2,850,000 Grant Value

$140,000 evaluation budget


  • Transparentem

Other funders

  • C&A Foundation -

  • Freedom Fund -

  • Humanity United -

  • Open Society Foundation

The most recent 'Global Child Labour Trends' published by International Labour Organization (ILO) reported that the global number of child labourers (5 to 17 years old) dropped from 215 million in 2008 to 168 million in 2012. While this decrease is obviously encouraging, it is a matter of grave concern that 1 in 10 of all the world's children are trapped in child labour.

These children are exploited for economic activity, and this business is worth billions. While the majority are used in the agriculture and unorganized sectors, global supply chains of big corporates are so extended and complex that a lot of the responsibility is at their doors, whether they are actively complicit or not.

Transparentem will conduct detailed research into global supply chains, identifying where child labour may be occurring, in order to hold corporations to account. They will also help them to take remedial actions.


Child labour incidences will come down drastically as more and more corporations work with Transparentem to clean up their supply chains