Mar 2015 – Feb 2018

Improving the evidence for early intervention

Ethiopia & India


Ethiopia & India – Global

To use research and evidence to address child marriage in India & early education in Ethiopia

$1,907,942 Multi-Year Grant Value


Other funders

  • DFID -

  • IrishAid -

  • Hewlett Foundation -

  • Oak Foundation

In Rajasthan, Young Lives will evaluate the impact on marriage and fertility of a pilot programme among 45,000 young programme called Safe Spaces

In Ethiopia, the government aims to expand 'O' classes - a new pre-primary educational opportunity for children - and Young Lives will provide evidence to answer strategic questions, particularly relating to increasing and maintaining educational quality. 


In India, where rates of child and early marriage and fertility remain high, Young Lives will work with government to explore what would help girls and young women to delay marriage and fertility, providing a double pay-off - for the young women themselves, and for their children.

In Ethiopia, Young Lives will build awareness in government of the importance of intervening in the earliest phase of life, including the 1,000 days of life. This will include developing an Ethiopia-specific evidence base that makes a compelling case for extending high-quality early education to poorer children. In addition, Young Lives will conduct a review and an evaluative study of sustainable, innovative approaches to early education.