Aug 2014 – Sep 2017

All-in-one contraceptive injections - Phase 1: The case for self-injection

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Multiple countries – Africa

To enable girls and women to access high quality contraceptive choices by ensuring market and country readiness to adopt self-injection using Sayana Press

$2,000,000 Multi-Year Grant Value


Other funders

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

220 million girls and women in developing countries want to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy but lack access to contraception. Girls in particular may encounter barriers to access due to age and gender discrimination, and as the result of stigma associated with sex outside of marriage.

Sayana Press makes low-cost, easy to use contraceptives widely available for women and particularly adolescent girls. We will support a new delivery approach that will measurably increase the number of contraception users in sub-Saharan Africa and catalyse the introduction of self-injection.

This programme includes a subsidy to immediately reduce the price of Sayana Press, register the product in new countries where the demand for family planning is high, and provide training for health workers to offer the product and counsel girls and women.

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This grant aimed to reach 289,000 new users of Sayana Press by 2016, of whom almost 15,000 will be adolescent girls. These services alone will prevent over 190,000 unintended pregnancies and save 520,000 DALYs.

With a core group of existing users and regulatory change supporting self-injection, future use of Sayana Press will accelerate after the investment period. By 2019, self-injection is projected to increase the number of Sayana Press users by one million, including at least 75,000 additional adolescent girls, in the four focus countries.

In 2016, there was a 25% increase in Sayana Press usage in Senegal, among users who are totally new to family planning. This represented the highest number of doses administered among four pilot countries (Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal and Uganda) and doubles the number of doses administered in the four previous quarters.  

Ministry of Health (MOH) family planning leaders in Senegal and Uganda are progressively increasing public support for the scale-up of Sayana Press at national level. This progress is specifically demonstrated by MOH commitment to work with multiple NGO partners to advance provider training and integrate the product in national distribution and monitoring systems.his grant ia