Mar 2017 – Dec 2020

Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)



Brazil – Latin America

To support Brazil on a pathway to 1.5˚C through reducing emissions from the energy sector and strengthening climate policies and governance.

$4,600,000 Grant Value

$200,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • ClimateWorks Foundation -

  • Hewlett Foundation -

  • Oak Foundation -

  • Arapyau

While Brazil's international climate commitments are ambitious, they are still short of meeting this target, and domestic implementation is not at the scale and pace required to achieve a 1.5C pathway.

Brazil's emissions are at a crossroad: while land use emissions are decreasing, energy-related emissions are growing, specifically in the transport and power sectors.

This grant provides core support to the Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), the only Brazilian national re-granting organisation that works on climate change exclusively outside of the land use and agricultural sectors.  Through its re-granting and in-house activities, iCS aims to support civil society engagement in climate change policies in Brazil, with a particular focus on power and urban sectors.


This grant aims to support wider efforts to help Brazil decrease its greenhouse gas emissions on a path compatible with the 2030 target of reducing total emissions to 1.05GtCO2e/year by 2030 (from 1.5GtCO2e/year in 2015).