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Jan 2017 – Dec 2018

Intergenerational equity in climate geoengineering



Multiple countries – Global

To promote intergenerational equity in climate geoengineering (CGE).

$167,176 Grant Value

As the mitigation challenge of staying well below a 2°Celsius temperature rise - let alone 1.5°C - becomes more pressing, there is increasing interest in climate geoengineering (CGE). Some CGE technologies (e.g. solar radiation management), however, would have significant, centuries-long and planetary-wide consequences – the intergenerational dimensions are therefore significant.

CGE technologies are rapidly evolving from the theoretical to being tested in the real world.  In the foreseeable future, governments and non-state actors could turn to geoengineering options as a last resort and/or a means to buy time.

There is an urgent need for a broad, inclusive global governance discussion regarding the research, possible testing and deployment, and decision-making process for CGE technologies. Without appropriate checks and balances, and accountability of those who are pursuing this agenda, there is a risk that detrimental developments could be pursued. It is imperative that geoengineering be governed, and that its intergenerational equity dimensions will be well considered by policymakers. Intergenerational concerns, as well as the perspectives of young people, must be at the heart of any ethical deliberation of global geoengineering governance.


The Climate Geoengineering Governance Project (CGGP) seeks to enlarge, accelerate and shift the discussion on CGE governance from academia to civil society and the intergovernmental policy community. CIFF is supporting a Fellow at CGGP to ensure that the intergenerational dimension of CGE is fully integrated into this work.