Jan 2017 – Dec 2021

International Forum of Energy - Civil Society Support



Multiple countries – South Asia

To support the emergence of key local civil society institutions in South East Asia which tackle the technical, regulatory, political and cultural barriers to clean energy deployment.

$4,000,000 Grant Value

The programme will support the emergence of a range of key institutions at the local level to support policy makers to prioritise clean sources of energy. This requires tackling technical, regulatory, political and cultural barriers. To shift the policies and build investor confidence, this programme will look to support a local facts-based conversation on renewable energy, by applying research-based evidence, convening, coalition building and capacity building.

The programme will also connect local technical expertise with cutting edge international expertise on renewable energy to access the latest information on grid integration, market design, costs, etc. This will build confidence of local actors and hence of governments' confidence in their expertise. 

The programme is being incubated by the European Climate Foundation in partnership with Agora Energiewende.


Direct impact includes supporting the creation of a high-impact civil society in the region who are able to support policy makers and wider industry to facilitate the deployment of renewable energy in the South East Asia region. 

Indirect impact includes  establishing credible and investable policy frameworks and the addition of renewable energy capacity in the region, including the first gigawatts of renewable power in many of the countries.