Jul 2017 – Jun 2021

International Forum of Energy - Technical Assistance



Indonesia, Vietnam – Global

To support Indonesia and Vietnam, through targeted technical assistance to the governments and key power sector institutions, to prioritise the addition of clean sources of energy into their grid and to pass the hurdle of the first gigawatt of renewables.

$8,000,000 Grant Value

$200,000 evaluation budget

In Southeast Asia, renewable energy is not yet seen as a viable alternative to coal, in many places not reaching the 1GW threshold which tends to start the economics of lower levelised costs of electricity to allow renewable energy to scale. Barriers to renewable energy deployment in the region are numerous, but lack of technical capacity at government level on deployment and integration of renewable energy in the power sector and on power sector reform is a critical one.

This programme will enable the International Forum of Energy to complement its existing civil society track with a technical assistance track focused on Vietnam and Indonesia and directly provided to the relevant bodies (e.g. Governments, Parliaments, utilities, system operators, etc) that require external support regarding the technical and regulatory challenges of the clean transition. Assistance might be provided for in long-term planning, public policy road mapping, systems operations, market design, and regulatory framework reform.

The programme of work will be delivered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Danish Energy Agency and Agora Energiewende.


The programme aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in South East Asia, focusing initially on Indonesia and Vietnam. The programme looks to support:

  • 4GW of solar and wind in Indonesia and Vietnam by 2021
  • Support realistic but ambitious policy frameworks to unlock deployment and grid integration of renewables.