Aug 2014 – Nov 2018

mHealth Mozambique Trial



Mozambique – Africa

To evaluate whether mobile technology improves both effectiveness and efficiency of vaccine delivery systems

$306,000 Multi-Year Grant Value


Other funders

  • GAVI -

  • Vodafone -


Our investment will be used to evaluate an mHealth project being run by GAVI and Vodafone in Northern Mozambique. The intervention - which uses Vodafone's mobile-enhanced mVaccination platform - aims to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of immunisation systems by registering pregnant women and children, and tracking immunisation instances through mobile technology.

This programme aims to strengthen the relatively weak mHealth evidence base, as little evidence currently exists for the efficacy in low- and middle-income countries.


This grant is supporting one of the first evaluations of a large-scale mHealth trial in the developing world, strengthening the evidence base around mHealth projects.

The first round of qualitative data was collected to get a picture of the situation before the introduction of mHealth in four areas: 

  • Vaccination record keeping
  • Vaccination stock forecasting and re-ordering
  • Communication with caregivers regarding vaccination appointments
  • Considerations at the health facilities

A thematic codebook has also been developed.