Feb 2018 – Nov 2019

Perinatal Survival in India and Kenya



India, Nigeria – Global

To create momentum in India and Kenya for long-term support for perinatal survival.

$500,000 Grant Value

Uneven state implementation and financial gaps threaten long-term and sustained impact in improving perinatal survival in India. In Kenya, improvements in perinatal survival still lag behind in expected progress for infants and children under five years of age. If current levels of perinatal service coverage persist, Kenya will fail to reach targets for reducing newborn deaths and stillbirths.

The investment seeks to cultivate a cadre of informed, motivated champions for perinatal health who can help to catalyse uptake of best practices/models to improve perinatal survival in India and Kenya. 

To create public awareness and generate sustainable support for perinatal survival, the investment will:

  • Generate evidence-based messaging, using data available globally and locally, to improve public awareness and support.
  • Cultivate champions (technical and popular champions) through targeted outreach and messaging.
  • Catalyse uptake of best practices through dissemination of learnings and engagement & communications strategies.


The investment is expected to result in enduring support for perinatal care through long term financial commitments. In India specifically, this work is intended to result in a reduction of key health care worker gaps and increased budget allocations in three States. In Kenya this investment is expected to ensure that two counties adopt the safe childbirth checklist or other similar perinatal care best practices. 

Ultimately this will contribute to a reduction in perinatal mortality in India and Kenya.