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Jul 2014 – Jul 2017

Rwanda Stunting Prevention



Rwanda – Africa

To reduce childhood stunting in Rwanda by systematically following pregnant women and children up to their second birthday to ensure they receive a full schedule of nutrition-focused interventions.

$13,058,000 Multi-Year Grant Value

$2,740,000 evaluation budget

The programme tests a unique ‘1000 days’ approach to nutrition interventions from early pregnancy through to the child’s second birthday. 

The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Local Government.  

Community and health facility-based workers will ensure that pregnant women are identified early and receive a full suite of interventions designed to prevent low birth weight. 

Community health workers will promote breastfeeding, appropriate complementary feeding and hand washing, and will treat uncomplicated illnesses. 

Community agriculture promoters will support improved household food production and consumption through small livestock rearing and home gardens. 

Dietary requirements will be informed by Optifood, a software programme set up to determine gaps in available foods and consumption. A mobile phone based information system will provide real time data on intervention delivery.


The aim is to reduce stunting by 30% by 2018. 

The programme had an extensive planning and set-up phase. This included recruiting staff and procuring equipment, orientation and training of key stakeholders, and design and set-up of a new mobile phone-based information system for real-time reporting by community agricultural promoters.

The Ministry of Health has put in place the main structures and inputs required to begin programme implementation.