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Apr 2016 – Sep 2017

Support for action against child slavery & rape



India – South Asia

To create strong precedents of legal and economic deterrents against slavery and rape of children by facilitating quick and fair delivery of justice.

$989,253 Multi-Year Grant Value

The investment will focus on sensitising key stakeholders and establishing a commonly-accepted operating procedure in cases of child victims of slavery and rape. 

It will look to provide technical knowledge on child-friendly procedures to be established during prosecution and to promote time-bound trials, increased convictions and other measures to facilitate access to justice for children. 

Specific cases will be well-documented and shared within a network of various stakeholders, including civil society organisations, to facilitate exchange of information and learnings.


This investment will pave the way for ground-breaking progress in protection for children through facilitating the strengthening of institutional capacity, and responses to slavery and rape of children. 

It will also identify and create a strong network of government agencies, non-governmental organisations, businesses and other stakeholders who will make  a change in their own fields of action towards ensuring safety and protection of children.