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Jan 2018 – Dec 2018

Supporting Strategies to Catalyse Carbon Dioxide Removal



Multiple countries – Global

To develop an investment roadmap that provides a rigorous and accessible assessment of the need for negative emissions technologies and carbon dioxide removal to meet the Paris Agreement.

$99,576 Grant Value


Other funders

  • Hewlett Foundation

This effort provides a first analysis of the potential costs, uncertainties and risks associated with negative emissions technologies (NETs) by: 

  • Establishing the quantitative case for NETs and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) 
  • Developing plausible deployment pathways and benchmarks for NETs/CDR globally and regionally
  • Assessing NETs/CDR options costs and feasibility to guide decision making
  • Evaluating costs, risks and (co-)benefits of NETs/CDR options
  • Assessing policy instruments and approaches for implementation and support 
  • Developing an “annotated cost curve” that includes constraints that otherwise are entirely based on technical and economic considerations
  • Outlining next steps to achieve the negative emissions identified 


The goal of this analysis is to provide essential technical and scientific input into an investment roadmap on CDR. The analysis will provide decision makers and stakeholders globally with a quantitative assessment outlining plausible narratives and investment options for large-scale deployment of NETs/CDR.