Jan 2017 – Dec 2021

Transforming the Market for HIV Self-Tests



Multiple countries – Global

To close the HIV testing gap by putting the power of knowing one’s HIV status into the hands of users themselves.

$17,000,000 Grant Value

Other funders

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -

  • Elton John AIDS Foundation

Today, almost half of people living with HIV do not know their status; among teenage girls in Africa, only one-in-five do. Self-testing represents a game-changing opportunity to reach those who are not willing to test through conventional approaches. 

As part of our portfolio in user-controlled sexual health products, we are embarking on a series of investments in the supply of and demand for HIV self-tests. These include a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to halve the price of an existing quality-assured oral fluid test, and a joint effort with the Elton John AIDS Foundation using human-centred design to prototype and scale new strategies for reaching young men.


Evidence indicates that self-testing could as much as double the uptake of HIV testing among populations who have not accessed clinic-based services. In 2017, over 4 million self-tests were procured for high HIV burden countries, reflecting significant expansion of the market.