Sep 2018 – Aug 2020

UK leadership on climate change


United Kingdom – Europe

To sustain the UK’s international leadership position on climate change.

$1,500,000 Grant Value

$150,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies -

  • Clean Air Fund -

  • Oak Foundation -

  • European Climate Foundation

For over a decade the UK has been a climate leader. Britain’s political consensus in support of ambitious climate action has underpinned the fastest pace of decarbonisation of any major economy in the world. As a result the UK’s influence in the global climate debate has been outsized relative to its own population and carbon footprint.

Decisions taken over the next two years will be critical in determining whether the UK will continue to play a leadership role or reverse its progress with damaging implications internationally.

This grant will support efforts to sustain the UK’s climate leadership through the political and economic uncertainty arising from Brexit, and through a focus on the twin challenges of carbon and air pollution coming from an over-reliance on petrol and diesel vehicles.


The intended impact of this grant will be measured by whether the UK successfully meets the targets in the Climate Change Act & sustains all of its environmental protections through the Brexit process.

Success should also result in a big rise in electric vehicle sales and the establishment of stronger clean air rules in cities and nationwide.

The European Climate Foundation will oversee this grant and key partners and beneficiaries include the GreenerUK alliance of campaigning environmental NGOs tracking Brexit, the UK100 network of local climate leaders, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, public interest investigative journalism, and a range of policy & research organisations such as the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit.