Jan 2018 – Dec 2019

Victors, not Victims: Survivors Leadership Programme

To implement a comprehensive leadership programme for victims of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

$998,177 Grant Value


  • Kamonohashi Project

This programme of work will build on the expertise and experience gained through a holistic anti-sex trafficking programme, 'Tafteesh', being implemented in India by Kamonohashi since 2013.


This investment will deliver four 'survivors collectives', comprising at least 75 survivor leaders who are empowered to support communities and the criminal justice system in their fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEoC). 

In the process, the project team will engage at least 500 survivors, providing them with psychological care and support to empower them to fight legal cases against traffickers and other perpetrators. 

The empowered survivors will then work with vulnerable communities and the criminal justice system to prevent trafficking. This investment will also strengthen the roles of NGOs to empower survivors.