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Apr 2015 – Oct 2015

Breaking the transmission of Ebola in Guinea



Guinea – Africa

To break transmission of Ebola in Guinea.

$2,628,000 Grant Value

Our grant was intended to help maintain Red Cross Rapid Response teams, increase community engagement in hotspot areas, increase the capability to track and trace Ebola cases across Guinea, and safely bury Ebola victims in a dignified way.

Specifically, our support sought to help the British Red Cross to:

  • train 100 supervisors and 1,000 volunteers (three supervisors and 30 volunteers per branch) in social mobilisation and community engagement
  • procure and distribute 80,000 epidemic hygiene kits (a bucket, soap and chlorine)
  • develop communications and education materials, including interactive national radio programmes
  • establish, train and deploy 76 Safe Dignified Burial teams (nine people and two vehicles per team)
  • train 250 volunteers in contact tracing and community surveillance to organise the active search for suspected Ebola cases and contacts in the community


Over the life of this grant, our funding contributed to the following activities:

  • 78 safe & dignified burial teams made operational (training and equipment)
  • 10,803 houses and other facilities disinfected to prevent Ebola spreading
  • 14,427 swabs conducted on patients and the deceased
  • 14,483 safe & dignified burials conducted
  • 600,000 people reached through face-to-face social mobilisation