Grant is closed

Mar 2015 – Aug 2015

Reducing transmission of Ebola by working with communities

Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone – Africa

To support the global response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

$250,000 Grant Value


This grant sought to increase knowledge of Ebola prevention, transmission, treatment, care and safe burials in Sierra Leone. 

The programme supported ActionAid to reduce the transmission of Ebola and support recovery and reintegration in seven districts in Sierra Leone, as well as tracking, tracing, and following up on cases for the prevention of deadly spikes in infection.


The initial target was to reach 258,490 community members. ActionAid also aimed to help 250 people leaving treatment centres reintegrate into their communities through the provision of food and non-food items, and enable 175 community volunteers, women and teachers to provide psychosocial support to vulnerable communities.

Over the life of the grant, ActionAid was able to:

  • reach 532,530 people with awareness-raising messages
  • improve access to psychosocial support for 51,426 people to support reintegration into their communities
  • provide food and non-food items to 250 people leaving treatment centres