Fanny Calder

Director, Climate (Campaigning & Communications)

Fanny has been campaigning and innovating around environmental and social justice issues since 1989. She has led work at a diverse range of global organisations including Greenpeace, the United Nations, Cambridge University, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) and WWF.  Fanny’s policy work has had a significant impact (she designed the UK’s first major renewable energy policy) and she has helped create a number of innovative organisations, partnerships and campaigns including the pop-culture based climate campaign Global Cool, HRH Prince of Wales’ Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change and SHEvotes – a crowdsourced online campaign to encourage more young women to vote that went viral during the British General Election in 2017.

Prior to joining CIFF, Fanny was Director of Content and Purpose at World Tour – a start-up entertainment company with a focus on using the power of pop music to build a global community of people who understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are inspired to take action to address it.  Before that she was Director of Campaigns and Public Affairs at WWF-UK where her mission was to work with a broad range of partners – ranging from multinational media companies to grassroots activists – to create powerful, impactful campaigns.