Open evaluation opportunities

Because without measurement, we are guessing.

We use external organisations to evaluate the majority of our grants, ensuring we get the independent, high-quality and actionable evidence that forms the backbone of our decision-making.

Where possible, we open these evaluations projects up to wider competition. Please check back in regularly to see if we are running any competitions. 

All current requests for proposal (RFPs) can be found below.


Feasibility Study: Climate Change Mitigation Indicator Compendium

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) seeks to fund a feasibility study to inform potential investment in an indicator compendium (IC) for climate change mitigation. An IC would provide a central, public outlet (e.g. online platform) to consolidate, align and share indicators to support the design, measurement, and assessment of climate change mitigation interventions.

To read the terms of reference, see here.

Automatic Malnutrition Diagnostics

We are commissioning the development of a Proof of Concept for an automated malnutrition diagnostic tool. The solution would allow for the (e.g. image-based) diagnosis of a child's nutritional state and the tool should perform as well as, or better than, current manual techniques. Proposals may address the diagnosis of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), Low Birth Weight (LBW) or stunting. The tool will be evaluated against commonly used approaches, such as Mid-Upper Arm Circumference and Weight-to-Height measurements.

To read the terms of reference, see here.

Initiative for Action Transparency

In partnership with the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), we are commissioning a monitoring and evaluation consultancy to develop and refine ICAT's monitoring framework and data collection systems, and carry out a review of the progress achieved by ICAT.   This is expected to be a nine month consultancy.

To read the terms of reference, see here.

European Climate Foundation

In partnership with the European Climate Foundation (ECF), CIFF is commissioning a monitoring and evaluation consultancy for its core investment in ECF. The consultancy will have two primary objectives: (1) build ECF organisational capacity to use and improve M&E; (2) evaluate the effectiveness of 2-3 core programmes for specific programmatic recommendations, as well as broader recommendations for ECF overall. The consultancy is expected to take place from September 2019 to February 2021.

To read the terms of reference, see here