Jan 2016 – Jun 2020

Adolescents 360

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Multiple countries – Africa

To reinvent sexual and reproductive health services for adolescent girls by putting them at the centre of the design process.

$15,000,000 Grant Value

$1,880,253 evaluation budget


  • ITAD Limited

Other funders

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

At present, there is a significant gap between the number of girls who wish to use contraception, and those who have access to it. Adolescents 360 aims to close the existing gap by 50-80%, bringing modern contraceptives to approximately 330,000 new users. 

Adolescents 360 will put girls at the centre of the design process, upending the practice of designing reproductive health services 'for' teenagers rather than 'with' them. The grant will identify the issues facing girls and young women, to find solutions that really work for them. 

Our investment will follow a four-step process. This will take us from inspiration - where we will immerse ourselves in girls’ lives to understand reality in their own words - to prototyping - where we will test different strategies - through to piloting and scaling across each of the three countries. 

Adolescents 360 brings together a consortium of partners, including leading experts in a number of fields. It will draw on skills and insights from public health, social marketing, human-centred design, developmental neuroscience and cultural anthropology, allowing for cross-disciplinary dialogue. 

Rather than treat young people as occasional consultants, Adolescents 360 involves 15-19-year-olds during all phases of the project. 

These ‘young designers’ are tasked with understanding and conveying young people’s needs. As one young designer, 18-year-old Eyerusalem says:

"We young designers help to interpret the feelings of adolescents—their language, cultural aspects and their identity. Our involvement helps the project to be more clear- on what the research means and to generate solutions." She adds, "I am developing confidence. I really understand what confidentiality means. I am learning to be inspired. Generally, it made me into an upgraded version of myself."

Our funding is being matched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We aim to attract other funders, governments and service providers to embrace this new way of making contraceptive choices a reality for girls.

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This programme aims to fundamentally change the way we reach teenagers with contraception, at scale. About 330,000 teenagers will get the contraceptive service they want in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania. 

During the first year of the programme, the team completed the inception and inspiration phases in three countries. The key take-aways from the formative research will be available online in early 2017. Prototyping is underway in Tanzania.

The evaluation design was also approved for this investment and will comprise a process, outcome and cost effectiveness evaluation.