Nov 2014 – Oct 2019

Boosting renewable energy as part of China’s energy system revolution



China – East Asia

To support China's National Energy Administration by providing scientifically-sound, evidence-based recommendations for a low-carbon power sector.

$16,599,000 Grant Value

$671,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • Danish Energy Administration -

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory -

  • Energy Research Institute

The China National Renewable Energy Centre and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory lead the programme in partnership with the Danish Energy Administration. 

The programme will develop: 

  • Comprehensive energy scenarios for a “Beautiful China” (i.e. economic development with a healthy environment and low pollution)
  • Grid plans that are renewable energy-friendly and increase power system flexibility
  • A blueprint for transition to a low-carbon energy system without compromising economic development


The investment is designed to maximise the likelihood of development of a renewable energy-friendly grid that sets the pathway for a full decarbonisation of China's power system. 

This accounts for between 880 and 1,625 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of annual mitigation potential in 2030.

China's Energy Revoluation