Nov 2017 – Oct 2020

China Coal Consumption



China – East Asia

To strengthen China's coal cap in line with 2 degree trajectory, and support key coal-consuming sectors and provinces and cities in China to implement coal cap and reduction plans. To promote green Belt and Road Initiative, and channel Chinese financing to renewables.

$6,000,000 Grant Value

$325,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • The Swedish Postcode Foundation

The project is working with key coal-consuming provinces and cities to develop coal cap and reduction plans and targets, including addressing the challenges of coal-dependent regions in developing alternative, non-coal-dependent economic and employment growth options.

The team is also working with industry associations and experts from the power, iron and steel, cement, modern coal chemicals, coal mining and building sectors to implement coal cap and energy transition plans.

Internationally, the project is working with Chinese partners including the Green Finance Committee to develop guidelines and standards for reducing the environmental and climate risk of Chinese overseas projects, and engaging banks in environmental risk analysis and shifting financing to renewables and efficient industry.


The investment aims to reduce China's coal consumption and support China moving towards a path consistent with a 2 degree trajectory.