Apr 2018 – Mar 2021

ClientEarth Phase II

Europe map


Multiple countries – Europe

To support strategic litigation to accelerate Europe’s low carbon transition and secure Europe’s climate leadership by putting it on a path to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

$15,000,000 Grant Value

$750,000 evaluation budget


Other funders

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies via ECF

Becoming Paris-compatible in Europe means phasing out coal by 2030, accelerating the wider transition to clean energy, mobilising investment and reforming the financial system.

Strong enforcement of existing laws and regulations is essential to underpin the legal and political framework needed to deliver existing commitments under the Paris agreement, as well as increasing ambition over time.


This grant aims to secure legal victories that force governments, businesses and investors to comply with obligations to reduce emissions.

Reducing emissions by the equivalent of 3 billion tonnes of CO2 is like taking every vehicle in Europe off the road for 19 months