Dec 2018 – Dec 2022

EDF Methane Satellite

To support EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) to develop and launch a new satellite to locate and measure methane emissions.

$4,900,000 Grant Value

$250,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • Multiple philanthropic funders

EDF is proposing to build a new satellite (MethaneSAT) specifically dedicated to pinpointing the location and magnitude of methane emissions from global oil and gas operations.

The MethaneSAT will quantify and publicly report ground-level methane emission rates. It will use high-precision sensors that can capture emissions and make that data public so that companies, donors, governments, and interested citizens have a clear understanding of the extent of emissions from these facilities, and thus the climate impacts.


MethaneSAT will help realise the goal of reducing global oil and gas methane emissions 45% by 2025, delivering the same 20-year climate benefit as closing a third of the world’s coal-fired power plants.