Jun 2018 – May 2019

MTV Nishedh



India – South Asia

MTV Nishedh is an adolescent focused edutainment campaign centred on sexual and reproductive health and rights. It aims to change behaviour of young people in India by building understanding and generating positive attitudes to contraceptive use, STI testing and sexual health practices in general.

$1,000,000 Grant Value

$50,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • SHOPS Plus -

  • BMGF -


Every fifth person in India is an adolescent – at 243 million the largest single cohort of young people in the world. India still has amongst the highest prevalence of child marriage and adolescent pregnancies, and low awareness amongst youth on how to prevent HIV and STIs. National education policies often promote abstinence-only; with in-school sex education effectively banned in a few states. As government policies and programmes struggle or are reluctant to deliver SRH information and services, mass media – using TV, radio and digital – presents a massive opportunity to reach millions of Indian adolescents and young people.

With MTV’s cool and compelling approach and style, it will give adolescents access to information about SRH and realistic solutions in a tone that they understand and identify with, which is urgently needed in a context of poor knowledge and education on SRH issues. It will link them to SRH services by signposting SRH providers, providing phone numbers to call for advice.

Online discussions will address misconceptions and share information by directing questions from our followers to experts.


1) 50% increase in the proportion of young people who can name at least 2 contraceptive choices and how to use versus baseline. 

2) 50% increase in proportion of young people who intend to practice safe sex – use of a condom next time they have sex.

3) 15% increase of viewers that use referral sources at the end of each episode. 

4) At least 2.5 million adolescents and young people (13-24) watch MTV Nishedh on an average per week.