Jun 2017 – May 2022




India – South Asia

To transform India's largest public service delivery platform (ICDS) to deliver nutrition results

$10,198,511 Grant Value

$1,189,182 evaluation budget


  • IPE Global


  • Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

Other funders

  • Government of Rajasthan

This investment aims to support the Government of Rajasthan and several other states to simplify and reform the ICDS 

Our approach is to: 

  • replace Take-Home Rations with cash that will directly go into pregnant and nursing women's bank account at regular intervals
  • motivate these pregnant and nursing women to eat locally available nutritious food (more protein and micronutrients) during and after pregnancy
  • train and incentivise nutrition workers to deliver specific messages and motivate mothers to eat 'more' and 'better' food. In addition we will target messaging to mothers of children aged 6 - 36 to ensure that they also consume nutritious diversified food

We will implement and test this approach in two districts-Baran and Udaipur in Rajasthan and magnify Rajasthan learnings to 100 districts across the country through our support to the National Ministry of Women and Child Development and NITI Aayog. 


If successful, this programme will 

  • reduce the incidence of low birth weight by an estimated 4-11 percentage points  
  • wasting prevalence by 9 percentage points 

It will shift the power dynamics around 'food' from the service providers to the 'women' (expectant and nursing mothers and their children aged 6 months to 3 years).