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Nov 2014 – May 2018

Understanding the Economic Impacts of Child Marriage



Multiple countries – Global

To reposition the issue of child marriage as an impediment to economic development, generating greater commitment and action to end the practice in high-burden countries

$1,373,400 Multi-Year Grant Value


Other funders

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The programme will undertake the most extensive modelling to date in order to estimate the economic costs and consequences of child marriage. It will bring in non-traditional audiences such as Ministries of Finance and Economic Development. It will disseminate findings and advocate for action by demonstrating how ending the practice contributes to economic development and poverty reduction.

The project has three phases: the first is to conduct global estimates regarding child marriage. Originally planning to target 15 countries, the study now extends to 25. The second phase is to produce in-depth country case studies, focusing on Nepal, Ethiopia and Niger. In 2017, both phases are ongoing. The third phase will be dissemination of information, communicating these findings so that national governments and multilateral organisations can make appropriate policy and finance commitments. 

More information can be found on the Costs of Child Marriage website.


This investment will directly establish the investment case for global and national policy makers to take decisive action to end child marriage as a development goal. Beyond the programme period, this investment will reposition child marriage as a critical part of the global development agenda, and serve as a key tool to mobilise more resources for the most effective interventions that change social norms and empower girls. Data is expected to be finalised during the first quarter of 2017.