25 Jan 2019

Advisory Panel opportunity – technology in development

We seek to broaden the horizon of how technology can help us deliver the most impactful programmes possible. In doing so we are developing and recruiting for a technology advisory panel.

Technology is omnipresent, including within civil society and the charity sector. This is creating tremendous opportunities, as well as challenges, which the sector needs to tackle.

At CIFF, technology forms a key component of many of our programmes. Key initiatives include the use of biometric technology, building infrastructure to enable the better use of climate data and using mobile technology to reach millions of adolescents, empowering them to take control of their sexual health. In each of these, technology not only helps us in delivering programmes, but at unprecedented scale.

By establishing a cross-disciplinary Tech Taskforce within CIFF, led by our Evidence, Measurement and Evaluation (EME) team, we are placing technology at the heart of how programmes are developed and executed.To optimise its use and maximise its impact, we are establishing a Technology Advisory Board and recruiting experts from both industry and the charity sector to join us on a pro-bono basis.

Areas of expertise

Key areas of technical expertise that we are seeking to include, but are not limited to:

  • Data collection, processing & storage
  • AI (Machine learning, predictive analytics, etc.)
  • Digital transformation
  • Hardware & software deployment in low resource environments
  • Medical device & software development

In addition, we seek individuals with expertise in international development and (technical) programme delivery at scale.


The Technology Advisory Board will formally convene once annually and on an ad-hoc basis:

  1. An annual half-day workshop to review CIFF’s technology footprint, discuss trends across industries (including, but not limited to, the charity sector), and develop a high-level technology roadmap and action plan in line with programme priorities. The workshop will be held either at a CIFF office (London, Nairobi or New Delhi) or a relevant conference.
  2. Ad-hoc meetings to support the development and evaluation of individual programme technology components. Ad-hoc meetings may be held in person or remotely and are expected to run over the course of 2-3 hours. Where there is reason and availability, additional meetings may be proposed in collaboration with the advisory board members.
How to apply 

CIFF endeavours to recruit senior leaders from industry and the charity sector, who will serve on the Technology Advisory Board on a pro-bono basis, with a minimum commitment of attending the annual workshop and 3 ad-hoc meetings. CIFF will cover expenses related to travel, accommodation, and conference registration where appropriate.

To apply to join our Technology Advisory Board, please send an up-to-date CV and a brief covering letter by 24th February to lcarstens@ciffconsultants.org. Please also feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about CIFF and the advisory board’s purpose.