30 Mar 2015

2014 Annual Report

Building on strong foundations

Today, we published our 2014 Annual Report.

This was an important year which saw significant growth of the Grant portfolio, to a multi-year value in excess of half a billion dollars.

In Nutrition we launched a new strategic plan, built staff capacity, and initiated new programmes to implement the $793 million funding commitment made at the Nutrition for Growth Summit in 2013.

We embarked on an ambitious partnership to achieve a world free of worms and made a public pledge of $50 million to scale up Deworming efforts to tackle soil-transmitted helminths.

In Education and Health, we continued to forge strong relationships with key global influencers such as the World Bank and the US Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief for new programmes to help transform the lives of children.

It was a pivotal year for Climate Change where we scaled up work in China, Europe, and Latin America in advance of the crucial 2015 international climate conference in Paris.

In October, we responded rapidly to the Ebola epidemic with a $20 million commitment to support the global response to the disease in West Africa. Much of the funding was released within a matter of weeks to organisations already working in the region to combat the epidemic.