21 Sep 2015

Chances are, someone you know is malnourished…

A few facts from the 2015 Global Nutrition Report. For more, download the full report.

To learn more about the highlights of the 2015 Global Nutrition Report, read this article by our CEO, Michael Anderson.


Malnutrition comes in many forms

Malnutrition affects one in three people around the world

Malnutrition affects every country

Millions of children around the world are malnourished. More than 161 million kids are too short for their age. Around 51 million are too thin for their height. Over 42 million are overweight.

In some countries, children growing up healthy are in the minority

Poor nutrition can have a huge impact on brain development

Without better data about nutrition, we are flying blind

Kenya is the only country in the world on course to meet all five maternal & child nutrition targets

Nutrition is a lottery: A child's nutrition & health can vary massively depending on where & when they are born

The season of a child's birth can have massive effects on their nutrition & health

For every dollar invested in nutrition, a country can get $16 in benefits