18 May 2021

CIFF Governance updates

Sir Christopher Hohn has been appointed as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, effective 17th May.

This change follows the departure of former chair Dr Graeme Sweeney, whose tenure came to an end this month.

Dr Sweeney joined CIFF’s Board in 2014 and served as chair since 2016. He also served as chair of CIFF’s Programme Investment Committee on Climate.

Sir Christopher said: “I would like to thank Graeme for his dedication and long-standing service to the foundation.”

CIFF’s CEO Kate Hampton said: “It has been a huge pleasure to help steer CIFF through a period of growth and change with Graeme. I speak for all staff in saying we are incredibly grateful for Graeme’s strategic insight and passion for CIFF’s work, and I personally want to thank him for the support he has shown me as CEO.

“It has been my privilege to work closely with Chris for over a decade. His vision for a fairer, greener world and his deep commitment to children’s wellbeing are truly inspiring. Chris’s relentless focus on results and consequent appetite for innovation and systems change make CIFF an exciting place to work. I’m looking forward to this new chapter with Chris not just as our Founder but also now as Chair.”

Finally, Dr Marko Lehtimaki is re-joining the Board as a trustee, having been a founding member of the foundation and having served as a trustee in the past.