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16 May 2024

Commitment from the Africa Corporate Philanthropy Leaders’ Initiative to strengthen their joint support for Africa’s Sustainable Development

16 May, Kigali: In a plenary session themed “The Silent ‘P’: Adding Philanthropy to Public Private Partnerships,” the Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), in collaboration with the Africa CEO Forum, Impact Philanthropy Africa, Africa’s Venture Philanthropy Alliance and other esteemed partners, convened Africa’s Business and Corporate Philanthropy luminaries. The session explored the collaboration blueprint needed to foster Philanthropic-Public-Private Partnerships (PPPPs) and discussed the catalytic role corporate philanthropy can play in the ecosystem.

In a collective announcement, the plenary session called upon Africa’s Corporate and Philanthropy Leaders, to recognise their commitment and rally the growing corporate philanthropy ecosystem. See below the full list of Corporate and Philanthropy Leaders strengthened their joint support for Africa’s sustainable development.

Today’s announcement also launched the Africa Corporate Philanthropy Leaders’ Initiative whose aim is to inspire and build on Africa’s growing momentum for purpose-driven and strategic corporate philanthropy collaboration, coordinated investments and thought leadership, and affirm Africa’s Corporate Philanthropy’s role in catalysing the speed and scale of Africa’s achievement of its sustainable development goals.


“The coalition of Africa Corporate Philanthropies Leaders aims to harness strategic alliances, innouatiue funding models, and impactful programs to confront Africa’s most pressing sustainable deue/opment challenges. The call-to-action has galvanised leaders to engage in transformative ecosystem collaborations to yield tangible, measurable outcomes.” Frank Aswani, ACPLI Representative


“By launching Africa Corporate Philanthropy Leaders initiatiue today, we are committing to pioneering high-impact solutions that are sustainable and inclusive. We are setting into motion a framework that leverages the best of philanthropy, public policy, and private sector prowess. This framework will enable us to promote peer learning, as well as curate and scale strategic funding opportunities for community transformation and economic upliftment across Africa.” Faustina Fynn-Nyame, CIFF Africa


Executive Director ‘Africa’s economies are charting their own path towards sustained growth, structural change, and accelerated development impact. In Africa’s search for new sources of financing, philanthropic actors can step up to collaboratively do more, structure innovative partnerships with public and private actors, catalyze the speed and scale towards blended investment and sustainable development impact. Jeune Afrique media and The Africa CEO Forum are actively supporting these new philanthropic efforts by offering extensive media coverage and raising awareness.” Amir Ben Yahmed, CEO, Jeune Afrique Media Group


As the initiative moves forward, it will continue to inspire Africa’s Business Leaders across various sectors to embark on a journey of impactful, purpose-driven efforts. Positioned at the forefront of shaping the Continent’s corporate philanthropic landscape and against a backdrop of declining external aid inflows and fiscal constraints faced by African governments, this initiative is further poised to play a transformative role in steering Africa’s sustainable development.

Key Principles of Africa’s Corporate Philanthropy Leaders Initiative:

  • Leaders across diverse industries unite in advocating for a harmonised approach to corporate philanthropy in Africa.
  • The coalition champions innovative partnerships and funding strategies to amplify the impact of philanthropic efforts.
  • Leading executives pledge to embrace a collective resolve to drive sustainable development outcomes.


Supported by the following Corporate and Philanthropy Leaders:

ABSA Africa • Access Bank PLC • Africa CEO Forum • Aga Khan Foundation • Africa’s Venture Philanthropy Alliance • BK Foundation • Children Investment Fund Foundation • Equity Group Foundation • Impact Philanthropy Africa • KCB Foundation • KPC Foundation • MPESA Foundation • Nation Media Group Foundation • Safaricom Foundation • Stanbic Foundation • UBA Foundation • Tony Elumelu Foundation • Vodacom Foundation