We are in the process of updating our grant portfolio tool. Some of this information may be out of date but a new version of the tool will be available in the coming months.
19 Jan 2024

Driving Equity through our Grant-making

Introducing CIFF’s Equity Toolkit

Equity is more than just a buzzword – with the right tools, we can firmly embed it in our programmes and drive more and better impact and sustainability for the communities and individuals we serve.

As part of CIFF’s efforts to integrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into every aspect of our work and operations, CIFF has developed an Equity Toolkit. We are excited to be able to share this toolkit, to inspire and learn with other funders and implementers who are on similar journeys.

The toolkit has been shaped by our continuous collaboration and learning with our partners and staff. Our ultimate ambition is to intentionally embed an equity lens across our grant-making, ensuring we effectively reach and support individuals and communities who experience marginalisation on multiple levels fronts.

We’re grateful to the partnership of Bonnie Chiu and The Social Investment Consultancy in the development of this resource.

About the Equity Toolkit

The initial purpose of this tool has been to assist CIFF staff in conducting practical conversations with programme partners on embedding the right approaches and metrics into strategies and programmes. It offers guidance on our approach to integrating equity across seven specific components:

  1. Identifying and reaching the most in need​
  2. Addressing intersectionality​
  3. Collecting disaggregated data​
  4. Tracking Equity outcomes and indicators​
  5. Seeking and using continuous feedback from communities served​
  6. Designing and implementing equitable budgeting​
  7. Supporting locally-led solutions

Why are we sharing this externally?

We’ve learnt a lot from developing and applying this toolkit and we want to share the resource with our partners, to support conversations about how we can advance this vital work together.  We see the toolkit as a living tool and would very much welcome any feedback on how to further improve it.

We also believe it’s important to hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to DEI and share updates on the practical steps we’re taking as regularly as possible.

By working together, we can make strides in creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for all. Thank you for joining us in this essential endeavour towards creating a healthy, fair and safe world for children.


Download the Equity Toolkit