08 Jun 2018

Kate Hampton featured in top 100 Profiles of Paris

CIFF CEO Kate Hampton has been selected to feature in the top 100 Profiles of Paris, an online platform that documents the stories of the key people who created the Paris Agreement.

In her narrative, which recounts her experiences at CIFF in the run-up to Paris, Kate writes:

I have never ceased to be inspired by the level of trust that was built up by dedicated people across nations, cities, NGOs and businesses in the run up to Paris.  I still get a rush of energy when I talk about it and share memories and lessons learned.  What a privilege, what a responsibility to be able to initiate, support and/or scale promising initiatives over many years, or just in time.

Other key figures who appear in the Profiles of Paris include former US President Al Gore, President of COP21 Laurent Fabius, and Canadian Minister of Climate Change Catherine McKenna.

You can read Kate’s profile in full here.