02 Mar 2017

New money pledged for ‘She Decides’

Sir Chris Hohn donates an additional $10 million to family planning services to support some of the world's most vulnerable girls and women

Sir Chris’s new funding was announced alongside the Government of Finland, which pledged an additional €20 million, in a new public-private sector collaboration. The donations form part of She Decides, a global advocacy and fundraising initiative launched in January 2017 by the Dutch government.

Over 400 representatives of governments, philanthropies, charities and non-government organisations came together at today’s She Decides conference in Brussels to support the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. It’s also a response to the impact of the Global Gag Rule.

During the conference, a total of €181 million was promised. While the new funding raised for family planning is important, it is not yet enough to solve the scale of the problem.

“Contraceptives are highly cost-effective and save lives. It’s one of the best investments I know.”  Chris Hohn

Sir Chris’s new $10 million donation will be managed by The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and will go to organisations affected by the Global Gag Rule.


Since 2014, CIFF has committed over $120 million to sexual and reproductive health, with an emphasis on young girls and adolescents. This includes:

  • Reducing prices and increasing access for contraceptive implants and new self-injectable contraceptives.
  • Improving the performance of service delivery by making providers more accountable to girls and women.
  • Using technology like mobile phones and social media to make information and services more relevant for young people.

Our vision is that today’s young people can grow up as an AIDS-free generation and avoid unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortion, in order to achieve their full potential.PAI_1_28Feb17.jpg

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