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02 Jun 2022

Queen’s Jubilee Honours – Congratulations to Kate Hampton, OBE

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We’re pleased to congratulate Kate Hampton, CIFF CEO, who has been awarded an OBE in recognition of her services to tackling climate change and supporting the UK Presidency of COP26. 

Message from Kate 

I am hugely honoured to have received an OBE for my work related to climate change and COP26. I was also incredibly happy to see several climate champions honoured at the same time. 

Nothing meaningful is achieved alone so, for me, this award is not just a recognition of my work but of all those I have collaborated with since I ran my first environmental campaign at the age of 12, including my brilliant and beloved husband.  I would also like to mention my inspiring, passionate and determined colleagues and partners at CIFF, wonderful women and men who work daily to make this world both kinder and greener.  Sir Chris Hohn, CIFF’s founder and chair, clearly deserves a special mention for his unwavering dedication to tackling climate change and improving the lives of children.  It is a joy and a privilege to work alongside these people.   

COP26 was a significant moment for the climate community, the UK, and the world.  I celebrated the diplomatic progress made but there is still so much more to be done.  For 35 years, my heart has broken again and again as opportunities have been missed to act at the speed and scale required and harness the manifold benefits of the transformation. The anger of the young is justified.  We are on the cusp of a global tsunami of malnutrition and deprivation, due to the intersecting crises of climate, covid and conflict.  We can and we must do more.  But our efforts must be part of a wider outward turn towards solidarity: bringing the world together and reinventing institutions to protect the most vulnerable in all communities, everywhere, without prejudice.

I am so pleased to use this as an opportunity to celebrate the work of those around me and urge greater action on climate and social justice. However, I also want to take this moment to draw attention to the Excellence Not Empire campaign, which makes a powerful case as to why the honours system should be modernised, removing its links to colonialism to become a more inclusive source of celebration and excellence.”