Marko Lehtimaki

Founder Member, CIFF Trustee

In his native Finland, Dr. Lehtimäki finished national examinations with Summa Cum Laude (10.0). He also served at Utti Special Airborne Regiment (Second Lieutenant, Head of Class RUK). In his academic studies he received his first three degrees from Stanford University (Electrical Engineering, Quantitative Economics, 4.0, Distinction) and his second three degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard University (M.B.A, M.A, Ph.D., Distinction). His career started as proprietary trader for Goldman Sachs Arbitrage Group, and then at Methodology Asset Management which he founded with few of his Goldman colleagues. Methodology is a London based specialist hedge fund manager concentrating on arbitrage trading, and Dr. Lehtimäki continues to serve as its co-managing partner.